Saturday, May 28, 2016

Doen Journal Feature

Feeling incredibly flattered to be included in the journal feature at Doen this month. A local (Los Angles) based company run by a few fabulous ladies I was lucky enough to befriend first by email then over lunch last month where I realized part of this brand's allure is largely due to the dynamic personalities behind it. Who's penchant for the sun soaked days of languid 70's Cali style is apparent in everything from the style muses they choose, to the edits they use, to the fabrics constructed. Staples being: breezy kaftans, laced rimed bell sleeves peasant blouses, clasic wrap dresses, linen tunics as well as the sweetest Mexicali poncho for babes. 

As of now my wardrobe has a few key pieces working in regular rotation. Though I hope to keep my collection growing as I know they are sure to become quick summer staples making the rounds from bbq, to pool, to beach, to desert and anywhere else we can manage in between. 

Thank you ladies, for your kind words and loving feature. I'll be sure and keep these pretty dresses properly entertained. Promise. And thanks too to my friend Denise Bovee for making this shoot quick and easy. Even in the midst of six soaking kids buzzing round us on a beach at sunset. And a dog who refuses to ever leave my side but especially if anyone's camera is involved. Good thing he's photogenic?

Journal Link HERE

Haye's little blue romper from Darling Clementine 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Stuck ON

Sally Nixon.

Illustrator of the enduring series "What Women Do When No One's Watching."

"The women in Sally Nixon’s illustrations don’t know that we can see them. They’re not posing, smiling, or doing anything all that interesting, and this is what makes Nixon’s works fascinating. Women live in a world in which our appearance is constantly evaluated—unless we’re utterly alone, we rarely have the privilege of not having our physical presentation judged.  Seeing women in art who aren’t being watched and aren’t being assessed, who aren’t sucking in their stomachs, arching their backs, or dewily parting their lips, is wonderful, refreshing, and deeply relatable." 

"The women I draw come from my imagination for the most part, however, each of them, in one way or another, is a reflection of my personality,” Nixon tells The Creators Project. "They don’t have perfect bodies or perfect habits and that makes them relatable. The scenes I create around them are everyday places: a bathroom, a restaurant, a messy bedroom. However my goal with each drawing is to elevate the seemingly mundane to something special and worthy of being viewed."
- Via the Creator Project 

Find her Instagram Here

Monday, May 23, 2016

At The Bay

It's these last few weeks of school where I always feel like we're all on the verge of unraveling. Every day the order of our mornings growing a little more scattered as we get closer to the end. A seven day school to summer countdown evident in everything from the pathetic lunch box arrangements I send them off with, to the broken back packs slung over their shoulders, to the worn out shoes and bed times that seem somehow to keep creeping past the routine 8:30 hour formally agreed on. The easy ways of summer, already pushing for their turn.

It's this time of year too that weighs me with a special kind of sadness I remember harboring myself as a kid at the end of every year. A feeble mourning for time passed, teachers and classrooms left behind, friends made, moved, or lost. Sentiments I keep as an adult. A mother with three at the same school (a kindergartner headed next year for full day, a first grader who can read his books now all by himself, a fourth grader on the last leg of boyhood) and Hayes, who I know is in line just behind them. Sure to be tossed into the same mix sooner than I'm ever really ready for. And yet the other part of me yearns for the freedom of this next season. Same as when I was eight. Ready for the break. To wipe my hands clean of schedule. To exist in slow, mindless wonder inside of the warm weeks attached to summer. On the beach, out in the yard, down the street at the park, on the road.

My favorite time of year to rest, connect, expand and explore together.

In preparation for this weekend Mike will be pulling the old RV out from it's dirt lot storage down the freeway to see if he can fix the transmission in time for the holiday to hopefully sail that big thing down the highway and park it at the beach for a day or two. Last trip we were sure it was doomed for a tow but it made it there and back just fine so it seems it's always a little bit of faith and luck that finally drives it where it needs to be. Or at least it has. Plenty of times in the past.

Last week - in premature celebration - we met in Newport for an unplanned romp around the bay to eat dinner while the sun was out. A beach I grew up going to as a kid when we were out of school. A spot I took the boys regularly as babies, made especially convenient because of it's easy parking, close bathrooms, and now new playground with grass and a lighthouse slide crowded with birds for Hayes to chase, where I'm guessing we'll be spending plenty of our weekdays very soon. A free day's worth of adventure we greet with brown bagged lunches, wood boats to sail, and plastic buckets to fill

Seven days now and counting.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Last weekend, despite my former resolution to scale back on the grand tradition of big backyard kid birthday parties - that tear up my house, cost double what I plan for, and typically leave me feeling like a hamster on a wheel for the duration of the party, we decided (against such sensible resolutions) to host another one. For Hayes in honor of his second year (Which naturally came too fast, but gosh they always do) because he's our only Spring baby, and the weather 's been nice, and because it gave good reason to hire a local Marionette puppeteer as entertainment. An act I had seen a couple years back, at the boy's end of year preschool festivities where I, along with the rest of a full theater, was totally enchanted by. A funny, quirky, 30 year veteran of the art who arrives with a case full of hand crafted puppets he brings to life with show stopping personalities he's created along the years. From a lying (but lovable) Pinocchio which Hayes only wanted to feed, to a shy trapeze swinging clown, to a limb springing purple alien, to a cookie seeking superhero deemed "Fat Man," to my personal favorite: MC Hamster. Who's stellar dance moves in coordination with "Can't Touch This" is, in my opinion, what really what brings down the house. For those of you who caught a glimpse of that one on Snapchat, let me just say that that was only a sliver of his talent exposed. Really, things only got better from there.

Point being: if I'm going to blow money on these big kidie of events, let it be something that makes me laugh just as much. Which I did. For a good long hour there in the company of my friends and their squealing children splayed out on the lawn below a makeshift stage before turning them over to the Mr. Haynes to gather round a table to construct their own brown bagged colored puppets.

In other news, Haye's got a new car, refused to eat cake with his hands, and fell fast asleep still in his party clothes just after 7pm.

Here, a video on the morning after his party. For me. Mostly.
To remember what waking with him at this age looked like. A bedside plea for something I can never quite guess. Random toys tossed at and around me. Climbing, tumbling, laughing, pouting. And kisses. Always a generous amount of early morning kisses.

TWO from Mrs. Habit on Vimeo.

Franklin Haynes Marionette Booking Site HERE 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Book in Review: A Child is Born

"A Child Is Born (full title: A Child Is Born: The drama of life before birth in unprecedented photographs.) A practical guide for the expectant mother is a 1965 photographic book by Swedish photojournalist Lennart Nilsson. The book consists of photographs charting the development of the human embryo and fetus from conception to birth; it is reportedly the best-selling illustrated book ever published.

Nilsson's photographs are accompanied by text, written by doctors, describing prenatal development and offering advice on antenatal care. The images were among the first of developing fetuses to reach a wide popular audience. Their reproduction in the April 30, 1965 edition of Life magazine sparked so much interest that the entire print run, of eight million copies, sold out within four days; they won Nilsson the American National Press Association Picture of the Year award, and reached a sufficiently iconic status to be chosen for launch into space aboard the NASA probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. The book and its images have figured in debates about abortion and the beginning of life, and the book is the subject of a substantial body of feminist critique."

- Wikipedia on A Child is Born


I found this hardcover copy for 1$, last week on a mundane thrift romp with friends.
Best find I've come across in ages.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Behind The Scenes / Shop House INhabit Studio Shoot

Last Friday we spent a long day shooting for the new shop at the Design LoveFest headquarters in the Art's District downtown in L.A.

A literal dreamscape for creatives, far more spacious than I guessed it to be based on her feed photos, with prime lighting and aged brick lined white walls paired with warm wood floors lining the whole 3,700 ft expanse of it, perfectly suited for teepee set ups that call for wider (brighter) angles. Even the pulley style antique elevator lends special allure to the entrance but the whole vibe is so inspiring that I came to wonder within a few minutes of being there how anyone even wants to go home at the end of a long glorious day in such a glorious building. Of course this is considering what my regular work conditions typically consist of: a makeshift desk upon a laundry riddled bed, or a sunny spot out back where I do my best to answer emails or write with a clear head from the picnic table under a big striped umbrella, dodging flies while trying to mentally block out all of the ruckus that ensues a few feet away from me wherever I go, regardless of the hour I'm in. I keep thinking I'll find the secret to making a more fruitful experience out of it but I've yet to succeed, even decently, in the matter so I've come to accept that it is just this hard. For the time being anyway. Peace of mind to write or create in is not a luxury I get to count on. So I don't. But that doesn't mean I can't complain about every now and again. In fact this very blog post came to fusion while stowed away atop their new playhouse, attempting to hide from the chaos below me. Constant pleas to "look at me!" as they shoot hot wheels from a plastic launch pad and throw dirt at one another in a planter not made for playing, while continually calling out for snacks I know we don't even have in stock.

It's a wild world, working from home but the only way I know so I'll keep the vision of that big airy studio in the forefront of my cluttered daydreams for now. Where flies don't bother you and children aren't eternally starving in your presence.

Product shots and styling has never been my forte so it was defiantly more work than I think I anticipated and took a whole lot longer than I had accounted for but having two friends with me on hand to help with set up cut my shooting time in half. And because we are also adding some vintage and limited stock clothing items to the new site I had Victoria there to model some of them which was fun to to focus on wardrobe styling for a change and who's impressive backside stole the show on my Snapchat that day where every message that rolled in alluded to how nice it looked in the high waisted jeans she was wearing. And yet she proved still somehow equally as enchanting while wearing the shapeless cotton jumpsuits we've got in slim stock as well, that I adore, but Mike questions every single time I out one on. In which he will usually ask one of the boys if I'm going out to fix cars in it. But never mind guys and current fashion, right?

After the shoot wrapped we met up with the lovely ladies of Doen at Bottega Louie for a late lunch where we instantly took to each of them and nearly forgot all about the pretty dresses they make and came instead to be most smitten with their sharp wit and easy humor proving the kind you take to strong and naturally. Women you feel lucky to lunch with. Who also happen to have killer style and a brand new brand to highlight fact of it.

All in all a full a productively packed day in L.A. divided handsomely between work and play. An afternoon that had me sweating with stress followed by an evening that unfolded on a hotel rooftop sharing Jalapeno margaritas with a friend we haven't seen in months. A sweet break from the regular grind. The sun beating down my laptop, the quarreling boys covered in dirt out back. The non stop chaos I call work space.

Regardless of how though, the shop will be open this month.
And I'll be sure to link it here when it does!