Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Scenes From a Weekend // NESTING

With a good push from my ever dutiful sister we spent the weekend getting things together for this baby. Finally. With now only maybe a couple weeks to spare.

Clearing out the closet, going through old toys, setting aside the good ones, putting up the borrowed crib beside our bed, and the newly purchased one from Ikea in the room. Washing clothes, folding clothes, painting walls, and hanging pictures. I always love doing nurseries and this one is coming along quite nicely. Pieced together from mostly a few recent flea market finds, Ikea staples and beloved hand me downs from the babies that made use of them beforehand. The only real new additions being a wood hanging mobile above the crib and a sweet handmade quilt I will share in a room tour once I have it all done.

Naturally, two of the boys couldn't help but get involved in the assembly of nearly everything. I even caught Rex trying to put newborn diapers on the dog, and then jumping with his filthy feet in a newly assembled crib.

Other than that, we are taking it pretty slow around the house while working steadily on some great new stuff to add to our shop the end of this month. A few fresh and exciting creative endeavors I hope to share here soon enough. When time and energy permit.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Craft Habits / Painted Sticks

When all else fails, painting sticks (or rocks) we have collected through the week is always one of our favorite afternoon crafts. 

Though the girls can sometimes overdose on sparkles when given the option. 

Dried sticks also make some pretty cool and colorful mobiles for the house too. This is one of the simplest versions, but Pinterest is full of plenty of fancier versions to consider depending on your crafter's skill and dedication. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014


"It goes like this: old man look at my life, I'm a lot like yoooooou"
- Arlo, singing what he could remember from a certain song he heard that morning, to his friend who remained downright clueless the entire time.

"I'm too little to get murried. You have to be big to get murried. And it's boring. Getting murried is boring, Leon."
- Rex, backseat explaining why, in spite of being noticeably flattered by a new crush from a girl named Saffron, he still refuses to marry her, like the video dedicated to him, that her aunt sent, pleaded for.

"I want to only have good dreams"
 - Leon, being tucked into bed.

"Our room smells just like a turtle"
- Arlo

"When's my birthday?"
"sept. 13th."
"Oh, I really wanted it to be in October."
- Leon, forever questioning just about every aspect of his birthday.

"I have to eat a lot of lollipops to stay alive"
- Rex, in his over dramtic explanations of why he needs lots of candy.
  Cause otherwise, he'd die.

"No, you were mean to me all day, Rex!"
"But, I like you now Leon"
- L & R arguing who should have a turn choosing the next cartoon.

"Chase said only Christians go to heaven. But, Michael Jackson wasn't a Christian . . ." 
- Arlo, questioning the validity of the claim / me, stuck wondering, not so much why my kids seem to associate religion with dead celebrities, but more how come, when having sat through all those in depth documentaries about the fallen star, I wasn't clear on his actual religious roots myself.

"Just don't give mommy the sour ones,ok? It will give her heartburn, and that baby will burn all up"
- Leon, seemingly the only one who pays any mind to my current pregnancy woes, and therefore showed natural concern with what candy they should share with me while pregnant, after their annual Easter boxes arrived from a beloved relative.

"How was school today? Did you have fun on the playground, Rexi?"
"That little boy hurt me, I hurt 'em back"
- Rex, reminding me that sometimes, it's probably better not to ask . . .

"Arlo, did you tell your brothers the Easter bunny isn't real?!"
"No, he is, right? I still think he is. I, I wouldn't say that."
- Arlo, shocked at the pre bed allegations that apparently, Rex totally made up.

"You hair is pretty mommy. And, your skirt if pretty. And your baby's pretty too. I love that baby"
- Rex, in response to hearing he could in fact have a whole doughnut instead of half.

- Rex, a fit of tears stomping up the stairs upon hearing he was in fact, going to have to take a nap after school.

"I love Arlo. I love him SO much."
"Aww, that's sweet Leon. What about Rex?"
- Leon, honestly.

"What the HA'LE?!"
- Rex, with mystery accent, watching his block tower crumble to the ground, and still, refusing to believe my insistence when it comes to explaining why even simple curse words are forbidden. And why it's not ok to use them. Even when your tallest towers collapse.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Where: Lytle Creek 

We set up camp for the day this past Tuesday to soak up some mid week sunshine and cool mountain breeze. 

This was my first time here, but man this place is winner because, one: it's not too far up the hillside, but still feels dense and remote enough to make you think you've made far enough into the wild to enjoy the perks creekside fishing, picnicking, lounging and dam building (which is what the kids were busy doing most of the time we where there) And two: the parking is just above the water so it's not much of a hike to get to a nice shady place to park your set up. Our "set up" consisting of a couple teepees, lots of blankets, buckets and basket full of snacks and refreshments. 

Jack seemed to really enjoy himself around these parts too. The water just deep enough for him to dash around in and then plenty of shady relief with teepees, which is where he tends to retreat once he's retired from the kids and their usually physically demanding play routines.  

The boys, with the help of Mike and Kevin, even built a kind of wobbly wood raft and then helped deepen the creek by building a small dam to trap the water flow, where the raft floated around the whole afternoon. 

Water, mud, sun, wood, and raft construction. 
The kids could have stayed there all day I swear. 

Check it out if you are anywhere local. 
It's makes for an easy, refreshing day escape. 

Banana Peanut Butter Smoothy

A new favorite weekend treat to satisfy the incessant milkshake cravings that sprung these last few weeks of pregnancy.

1/2 cup natural peanut butter + 2 cups of chocolate almond milk + 1 (or 2) ripe bananas + tablespoon honey & ice

*Whip cream and chocolate drizzle if you're up for extra sweet.  

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Start of a Nursery

This week we will be focusing on painting, stocking and putting together at least the start of a nursery with only a couple weeks to spare before baby is here. The crib and bedding I've yet to pick up, but I did score a few cute second hand items at "The Barn," a local flea market that happens on a seasonal basis, this weekend.

This trip I went specially searching for baby stuff and was pleased to find a handful of things I love.

*   Small felt banner
* Vintage white toy shelf
* Rolling wooden horse and car
* Black and white animal flashcards
* Maple mini rocker 
* Wood tool bin for books and toys

The tool cart I put in the boy's room for now. Though it really does work almost anywhere in our house seeing that it is provides such a handy place to toss books, cars and instruments during quick cleanups.

We also have a beautiful handmade quilt on the way that should brighten up the room instantly.
I'll be looking forward to sharing it all, once the space comes together more.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

For the Love of Cacti

On the way back from the desert last weekend we made a special trip to Joshua Tree to visit the cactus mart on the main road. Mike had never been so I thought it would be fun to show him all the different cacti in this one cool little space.

I was wrong. He thought just about everything there was overpriced and therefore not as impressed as I had hoped. The boys did indulge the "dig your own cacti" bin though, and pulled a couple small crates with miniature plants of each of their choosing.

The next day, in typical Mike fashion, he drove us to the backside of the fields behind our home - to show us a little something about "free cactus" ... a dense, but remote lot where people go to dump trash and other odd end items right in the middle of herds of gorgeous wild cacti growing in this otherwise ill fated natural wasteland. We dug up a couple, nice tall ones and placed them the empty pots we had in our side yard. Not sure if that still counts as stealing, but as pretty as they look in our yard, I'm completely willing to accept blame on those accusations.

With the little ones we decided to make some simple terrariums today. Our goldfish bowl, a sad sight seeing that our beta fish Woodrow passed last week, was put to good use. The other smaller glass bowls I found stuffed conveniently in a cupboard. Perfect size for single ones. With what was remaining, I let the neighbor kids make their own using mason jars and fabric striped flags on toothpicks too add a little color. It wasn't a craft we had planned, so I wasn't prepared with anything spectacular. Just the bare essentials: gravel, succulent soil, plants and rocks. Still they turned out pretty cute nonetheless. And the kids all loved the layering and planting involved.

Rex's terrarium was my favorite. Until he drowned it in the fountain just after a precise lecture on how rare water (in a spray bottle) should be while caring for these kinds of plants. Apparently, he thought his looked extra thirsty, so now his greens are pretty much floating around a sea of brown.

The others, we're hoping fair much better.
And a little longer, hopefully, than that damn fish.