Days of Rest

Our littlest boy, Rex Michael, turned one this past weekend. Naturally, my emotions sat somewhere between unabridged joy at watching my blue-eyed baby blossom into a healthy, happy toddler, and heavyhearted sadness over the fact that my little guy is growing quicker than I care to acknowledge on a day-to-day basis. In honor of this, his special day, we headed to Panera for a bagel & cookie breakfast, which he surely seemed to enjoy (a full-blown carnival themed celebration in his honor planned in weeks ahead)

Other than that, we took advantage of these lazy, dampish days void of any committed engagements. Slow weekends are not what we are used to around here so it was refreshing to remember what it feels like to break away from rushed schedules and clock stalking hours sucking us into an overpacked car, unto a typically clogged freeway. Besides extra lov'n for the birthday boy, we rediscovered long naps, Ray Charles, took a drive in the rain, painted purple monsters, tried a new recipe for chicken and wild rice soup (success!) worked on some photo framing ideas, found a favorite, but forgotten vintage Chanel turtle neck tucked beneath the bed, and even saw a movie. Blue Valentine. So real it hurt.

Hopefully this isn't the last of these types of sluggish, restful days. Slowing up a little does wonders for the soul. And a little rain and homebound adventure never hurt anyone either.  

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