on the bandwagon

Despite a steady interest in the blogs a handful of my friends keep, I have always been hesitant to start one of my own. A resistance rooted in that fact that at this point in my life, raising three young & very wild little boys, it just didn't seem very practical. That, and one more reason to be at a dull computer screen for another hour in the day seemed rather selfish. However, after much debate I realized that growing this site - like anything else I work to hard to maintain - was possible with proper time management. As well as a great way to connect with other women like me, or not like me but appreciate random book recommendations, personal home renovations, poetry, photography, story telling, recipes, music, and all sorts of new angles and musings each of these varying blogs aim to provide. In short, I wish this spot to showcase my plight here and now: a suburban housewife in a modern age, struggling constantly to keep the core of art and passion alive inside of herself amidst all the beautiful chaos surrounding her not so quiet home.

So here's to a new year: to a new blog, to new projects, to sharing personal highlights and loftier daydreams. Some habits, some hopes. And maybe, sometimes, even fresh inspiration.