Thursday, February 3, 2011

almost spring

Some people fall in love with seasons. They identify themselves as lovers of Winter, or Fall. I cling to the fickle spurts in between. When the season feels mixed up, weeks divided by warm wild winds, indecisive rain clouds and sudden, brittle cold streaks (today, at the park, our unguarded bones took note of the latter) With February here, riding the shrinking tales of winter it is hard to know how to dress your children. Hard to know how to adjust your mood, your plans, your music, your thermometer, etc. But in spite of uncertain weather, dreams grow brave and take flight. I've been dreaming again lately. First time in some time. Moody blues and worn out maps inking my brain, unmarked places to trek by car, outgrown visions of sitting in a small old house in downtown Orange listening to Anne Sexton and other pretty graveled poets reading their works in the dark by candlelight. A moment in time when we were, for a second there, unclothed "real" romantics - remember Todd? And so too are these sporadic days of "almost spring." Where the season has yet to commit to any solid expectations spun to front our weekly forecast. 


  1. well that was amazing jessica! i always get so excited when someone can perfectly describe how they feel with beautiful, poetic words. i really wish i could write something half as nice as that.

    love the georgia o'keefe. i watched a movie about her a while was very interesting. she certainly lived her own kind of life regardless of what other people thought.

    and i must know who the author of the letter on the sidebar is! that is pretty much the raddest thing ever! "i want to crawl up inside you. like luke skywalker crawled up inside his tauntaun..." whoever thought that up is a genius!

  2. I never even thought about the in between season time! You described it so perfectly, the being unsure of what the next day brings and how to dress those little ones (and my word, the park was FREEZING yesterday!) The season is being quite indecisive...
    And about those polaroids... did you line em up that way cause if you did I need a layout lesson- hahahha. Gorgeous pictures included and as always, it's a joy to read your writing- it is indeed a gift. WIll you write me a song I can sing? :D

  3. Thanks to you both. Unfortunately the writer of that super cool message is a mystery to me. I stumbled across it on the web awhile ago and fell in love with it. Genius right!?

    Nicky, yah, let's write a song! Summer concerts with matching moomoos in the park :)

  4. Very cool pictures! They're really inspiring! :)