Mid Week Report

In other super exciting February Weekday News: 

Our debunked dryer has finally been replaced, leaving my new found talent for hang drying clothes to fizzle, as well as offering up endless hours of entertainment for the boys because of the computer screen with push friendly buttons, and sweet songs it makes while operating. In all honesty, it truly does look and sound like a giant toy. I really can't blame them for feeling like it is all theirs to love and break. 

In spite of a lingering flu and swollen tonsils wanting to take themselves, and the rest of my body to bed for the week, we've managed to start on party decorations to host an indoor carnival on Sunday, seeing that the weather threatens 50 degree temps and we really have no other choice.

Like a good boy, Rex also felt like cooperating. Even when it meant fitting sessions with bow ties and stiff shoes to secure a proper party outfit.

The beloved fire truck we've been missing for the past month was recovered from beneath dark corners of the couch, along with a plastic comb and last year's valentine treats. 

A leather jacket I had hastily dismissed somewhere along the line, reintrocued itself and talked me into giving it another shot on a bone chilling winter day, when the jacket choices were slim and I was feeling a little desperate. We'll have to see how it works out for the remainder of the season. 

Boys finally got out of the house to remember what trees (and steel bars) look like

Arlo's preschool resumed, allowing long naps for little brothers at home to resume, and clean up time for mom reinstate itself. 
Hoping all your weekdays are equally fantastic, and your couches hiding long lost hidden treasures. Happy Wednesday! xx

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