Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring Wishlist

Certainly it is more fun to piece together blogging "wish lists" than tend to the stack of medical bills and little league forms crowding my desk at the moment but it has been a long week, so I felt inclined to stray. Below are a few of my dearest spring crushes. And I can tell you that the tripod lamp is verging on rather unhealthy websessing seeing that I can't seem to find one I like in stores, and those hopelessly romantic leather book lockets are too sweet to quit - quite reasonable with mother's day just around the corner, eh? 

But then there are those gorgeous bangles and those perfect wooden bands. 

I guess turning sights back to the bore of late Thursday night bill pay is probably a good idea. Enjoy. 

Vintage Tripod Drum Lamp
Bibliographica's "A Vintage Tale" leather locket via etsy 

Beaded Geometry Bag: Anthropology 
Vintage Moroccan bangles via etsy 
Anthro's Blousy button up 
J Crew's wide leg trousers in variety of colors

Simply Woodrings eco conscious jewelry, simple bands

Traditional Disneyland Sillouettes of my boys via, well, Disneyland!


  1. lovely little wishlist!
    the lamp is super cool. it would look really great in your house. the bangles and bands are rad and the sillouettes rule. i don't think i knew you could get those at d-land. kinda makes me want to go there now. wait, i take that back :D i just had visions of lines and multitudes of people.

  2. When I grow up I want to be like you Jessica!

  3. Gorgeous!!! That lamp is pretty much amazing and I'm loving the wide leg trousers! Oh, JCrew....

    I've been meaning to do silhouettes of my girls for some time now... but just haven't gotten to it! You remember? Those empty picture frames in the girls' room? I will, I will... ;)

  4. I love that lamp! And silhouette portraits of my girls have been on my wish list for a long time. Someday I'll get to them. Someday...