Monday, February 7, 2011

Sweet Tooth

This weekend our new neighbors hosted a Valentine's Day party at their house. Complete with a full ice cream Sunday bar, cupcake decorating station and trays full of carefully peeled crayons dropped in the oven which reemerged as gorgeously heart shaped waxes. My boys loved this and haven't put their jumbo crayons down since. I have to say, it was very sweet of them to open their house up to this sugary mayhem. The mess was quite frightful. Don't know if I would have been so willing.

In other holiday news; our personal Valentine creations start today. I'm guessing a monster/robot theme for Arlo's cards and lots of scribbling and crayon nibbling for the babies. Wish me luck!


  1. How cool of your neighbours! An ice-cream bar and muffin-decorating station sounds a bit like sweets paradise to me, yum!
    And what a cute idea to put the crayons into the oven, I love the results. I bet the kids were all so proud of their wax hearts. So cute :)

  2. Yayyy for other people hosting messy parties! Those hearts are awesome. I still remember the smell of my old crayon tupperware that had tons of unwrapped crayons waiting for melting projects! I'll have to do some with my girls :D And "luck" to you on your Valentine's- robots and monsters sound RAD- you gotta post a picture of them! Since Elsa's off track already they had an early Valentine's party (one down... one to go!) I LOVE making Valentine's!!!

  3. that crayon heart idea is so cool - and I bet the kids loved it. Also, this party sounds like it would be fun for adults and kids alike - especially the cupcake decorating station :)

  4. Lovely photos. They've got me all excited for Valentines. Yay!
    Very cute kids too!

  5. the crayons are super cool! looks like a fun party :D

  6. That was super nice of your neighbors. You have to best neighborhood!

    We'll be working on Valentine's today and tomorrow, so look for ours in the mail :D