Anya Rewards

I am very proud to say that I received my first blogger award, via the ever enchanting Anya over at Anya Adores. She is a sweet, lovely mother of two with a new site aimed at highlighting striking visuals, whimsical decor, dreamy photography and all sorts of other beautiful things. Do yourself a favor, check her out!

In regards to the award. I thank you kindly, Anya. So far the blog world has been loads of fun to dive into. I am looking forward to learning more about my favorite bloggers, meeting others, and sharing all that intrigues me in my daily suburban wanderings.

Now, as tradition goes: seven (unknown facts) about myself.

1. do not own a pair of socks.

2. am grossly double jointed.

3. in high school, I once wrote a letter to leonard cohen ( living as a Buddhist Monk in neighboring mountains at the time) to share my poetry. 

4. am terrified of airplanes and bridges. 

5. named my first child after a dream I had weeks before I ever suspected I was pregnant (yes, he was a surprise!)

6. would probably like to be reborn as tina turner in my next life, if that's the way it works. 

7. am not a fan of going out to breakfast, breakfast diners, or breakfast in general.  

Thanks for stopping by. Have a happy Wednesday!