Monday, March 7, 2011

be still my heart

Lucky Boy Sunday has me smitten. Madly in love with their whimsical vision for handmade children's goods. The photography, the gorgeous babies, fantasy lighting, quirky knit dolls, and overall bold imagination. Can we say inspiration overload? I want all and everything these people put their fingers on.


  1. The little one with the socks up and down??? CUTE! They're all great- haven't heard of lucky boy Sunday- gonna check it out! What magazine have you replaced domino with?

  2. Gorgeous - love the up and down socks too and the look on that first little boy's face. Smile!

  3. that first one is too darn adorable!

    off to check out the site.

  4. Oh my hipster baby! You're right the light and the vibe of these photos are amazing. I wonder if I could fit into those stripey leggings?!

  5. Your blog is as cute as these little guys! Thanks for the sweet comment, I look forward to seeing all you'll come up with.
    Sunshine and bow ties,