A Carnival Affair: Rex Michael Turns One

In celebration of our youngest son's first birthday, we hosted an inside "carnival" for friends and family this past weekend, complete with a vintage popcorn machine, red vines,  whoopee pies, top hats, mustaches on a stick and a big top circus photo backdrop (which, as you can see below, may have provided more fun for the adults than the kiddies it was designed for) Aside from running out of pizza and little Rex feeling a bit under the weather (why do they always get sick for big events?!) the party was a success, and were happy to find we were not overwhelmed by loads of new toys, but received a perfect balance of books, clothes and adorable home made gifts from a handful of my super crafty friends including: Sam, Sara, Nicky@http://thestitchylife.blogspot.com/ and Anne@http://acupfullofsunshine.blogspot.com/. Thanks girls!

And with this, the birthday/holiday season finally comes to a close and our family can begin to relax a little before major spring cleaning comes into full effect the end of next month. Can't wait to tear into those closets and clear out this house to ready it for some room swaps and flooring. Lord knows we are long overdue. 

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