First Came Love

Then came good ol' fashioned blog stalking. 

Meet Alyce. House of Habit's current creative crush. A Brooklyn based gal behind First Came Love , a site so stunningly fresh and sweet it is mighty hard to leave once you've landed. Take it from me, guilty of devoting far too many hours wrapped in an oversized bathrobe, fawning over her latest blog bits, thinking "how come I never knew about this?!" Having only recently joined the blog bandwagon, I am starting to see that in addition to the joys involved in constructing our own pretty little cyber plates filled with art and experience to share, the real fun is in uncovering all these other bright spots brimming with inspiration. F.C.L has been that for me. With daily doses of usually underground or local art, always sharp and inventive photography, "Wed. etsy picks," and a new feature dedicated to interviewing urban families struggling to raise children in an insanely expensive city, it is hard to imagine anything this site is really lacking. 

For kicks I asked Alyce to answer a few questions to get a rough feel for some of the things she enjoys. As for her site, check it out. You'll be glad you did. xx

First Came Love: "observations on babies, pretty things and other daily inspirations"  

What do you love most about where you live:
This is going to sound cliche but I love that nothing ever seems to close and that so many things/possibilities are at your fingertips. The first thing I notice when visiting somewhere else is when doors shut between 10 and 12 pm.  I'm not even much of a night owl but it's somehow comforting to know I could go out on adventure at any time for any thing.

4 sites/blogs you simply adore: is what inspired me to begin with. I feel like Chelsea and I have
a similar sense of style. holds a special spot for me.  Not everyone in the blog community is friendly but Dabito is your pal straight out of the gate.  
I always feel like I'm watching someone's dream when I visit
Of course I can't leave out  both for her eclectic style and as an inspiration for raising her child in Brooklyn.

Your favorite vacation destination:  
Geez, being straight off of a trip to New Zealand makes it tough to compare anything else!  If I were to base it on distance and affordability however; I loved both Mexico and Costa Rica.  Mexico has some incredible beaches (I can now say that they are just as nice as Tahiti).  It's easy to get to and the people are so nice.  The villages are much more than just a resort culture and the snorkeling is tremendous.  Costa Rica is also a great place to explore. It has soothing volcanic heated pools, great waves for surfing, zip lines through the rainforest. It's like a giant playground!

Most cherished etsy buy:  
This one is easy. It was one of my first purchases.  It was a cross stitch with our names on it that held our rings duringour wedding ceremony.  On the back was a typewritten note that gave the date and location.  The seller was Miniature Rhino ( This is what makes etsy so special.  You can find themost unique pieces either vintage or handmade and artists who are taking the time to
make it more than just a transaction.

Why you started the urban family feature: 
I don't think anyone can argue that living in New York City is expensive.  There are a few loop holes but not many.  So when we started talking about having children, the idea of having them in an urban setting (and everything that comes with it) is very daunting. We attended a "childcare information" class a while back. They told us if we didn't have an extra $1800 a month; we might as well leave the city.   I started to realize that a lot of my friends were approaching the same issue so I decided to start interviewing families who are actually doing it.  The project is still pretty new but ,so far, parents have been very honest with my readers.  It's also very apparent that there are many different ways to go about raising a child here which is very comforting!
Wardrobe staples: 
My wardrobe is pretty easy going: lots of jeans. I think that's why I also dig the site  tomboystyle.blogspot.comI do like dresses so long as they have pockets.  It's good to balance form and function :)

Favorite newfound Artist at the moment:  
I really enjoy the work of Beth Hoeckel who works out of Baltimore. I think the series where everyone is facing their landscapes are really mesmerizing.

Perfect idea of a date night with your husband:  
We have some old standbys (what married couple doesn't) but we like to explore neighborhoods that we've never been or new restaurants that have just opened (New York mag is great for this). Some restaurant faves are Stuzzichini in the Flatiron district, Il Passatore and Miranda's both in Brooklyn.  Over the summer, my favorite date spot is the rooftop bar at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  You have an expansive view of the city and they always have an interesting art installation on display.