Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Campers

It all started with beach bag, and 85 degree weather. 

First off, it was an absolute gorgeous day yesterday, which landed us at the park for nearly 2 hours; then on my way to pick up Arlo from preschool I dropped in at the local Goodwill and found the perfect beach bag for 1.40! (I am obsessed with finding ideal beach bags, so this is a BIG deal) Naturally my sights turned to summer habbits: blankets on the sand, nights on the beach, camping, and all the glory involved in piling into our RV and heading out for a long weekend. I'm not much of a real "traveling kind" (due to too many phobias to box away and carry along very far) so these simple, cheap get-aways mean the world to our family. With a string of rotating (renovated) RVs, we are always shuffling into various motored houses. Each of them providing grand adventures these pictures only hint at. So here's to sunshine, beach bags, bbqs, and maybe a little more dedication to that stupid gym membership I've been so hotly resenting these past few weeks...

Footnote: our current RV, "The Fireball" used to belong to Nicky's grandparents and housed her childhood camp adventures too! Kinda cool to think we've shared the same space that way. 


  1. i've been thinking NON-STOP about summer adventures too...road trips, pool dips, tan lines, tents, the smell of sunscreen, sand... i can't wait!

  2. Hello there, I love your blog - it's so adorable. I loved your roadtrip and can't wait for the weather to change here. Adored your post on Luckyboysunday - I posted about them as they're simply cool. I follow you now as I think it's fab to see what you get upto - have a look at my blog, maybe you do too ;)
    Happy weekend.
    A xx

  3. the pictures look like soo much fun!
    it almost looks like an indie magazine editorial with a southern country flare!
    i can only imagine how much fun it must be to go travelling in RV's,having seen it being done on countless sitcoms and movies!
    also,barbeques,surfing,beach bags!aaah...can't wait for summers :)

  4. oh my,... can your family get any cuter. Summer feels so far away for us on the east coast although today I'm wearing clogs with (wait for it) no socks! This is my first sign of spring. :)
    ps. I looked up the sandals I bought in the picture and ,alas, they no longer exist :( happy weekend!

  5. For some reason I lost you in the blogosphere. I've got you on my sidebar now, so I don't lose ya again.

    85 degrees!!! I would love to be out in the sun with the babies right now. My little island is all wind and rain right now though.

    I'm glad to see you guys had so much fun.

  6. oh, wanderlust...
    your family is gorgeous (and i love your boys' names, too).
    i am in love with all the RVs--who does all the renovating? i want one!
    congrats on the perfect beach bag score!

  7. every one of these pictures is so evocative and pretty and fun....i want to be there! i especially love the one of you up on the bed with coffee cup and baby, best feeling in the world. guitars by the beach, campfires and tents and sundresses and new roads to walk down in cute little seaside towns...oh man how i am craving a road trip now! you guys look like the most wonderfully fun family!

  8. wow - these photos are PERFECT! Could be an ad!

  9. OMG, these photos are amazing!!!Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love it! I love camping and I love people who take their kids camping, I feel like it's such and important part of growing up to appreciate the land that you live on and in. Sleeping with the elements, playing in it all day is the best education a future conservationist and a well-rounded person needs.
    Okay, so maybe I've been reading The Last Child In The Woods too much, but it just always cheers me to see children in nature in our travels. Plus traveling as a family really ties you together. My mom and I used to take the train and hitchhike(!) a lot when I was little and those are some of the fondest memories I have.

  11. awesome photos!
    i can't wait for summer camping either! we all need to get on those reservations asap :D

    we may actually be getting an RV as well. my grandma's friend has one from the 70's (i think similar to the fireball) that she wants to sell. we're (my mom, grandma and us)thinking of buying it, i seriously hope it happens. keepin' my fingers crossed!

  12. I love all the pictures, definitely makes me want to get out there and go camping (baby belly and all!). There is nothing like beach camping in the So Cal, warm days - cool nights, campfires. Perfect!

  13. The Fireball lives on!!! Mike did such a fantastic job on that thing... my mom swoons whenever she looks at the pictures :D I'm SO ready for summer camping and was just talking about it the other day. Our tent trailer is rearing to get out there and hit the road!!!

    The Fireball still conjures up sweet memories of Mimi and Baba cooking up ebel skivers at the stove in the morning while all the grandchildren took turns tucking our hands into that top bed and flipping down :D Sweet, sweet memories for sure! Thanks for throwing that in at the bottom :D Now let's go camp!!!!!!!! :D