Happy Campers

It all started with beach bag, and 85 degree weather. 

First off, it was an absolute gorgeous day yesterday, which landed us at the park for nearly 2 hours; then on my way to pick up Arlo from preschool I dropped in at the local Goodwill and found the perfect beach bag for 1.40! (I am obsessed with finding ideal beach bags, so this is a BIG deal) Naturally my sights turned to summer habbits: blankets on the sand, nights on the beach, camping, and all the glory involved in piling into our RV and heading out for a long weekend. I'm not much of a real "traveling kind" (due to too many phobias to box away and carry along very far) so these simple, cheap get-aways mean the world to our family. With a string of rotating (renovated) RVs, we are always shuffling into various motored houses. Each of them providing grand adventures these pictures only hint at. So here's to sunshine, beach bags, bbqs, and maybe a little more dedication to that stupid gym membership I've been so hotly resenting these past few weeks...

Footnote: our current RV, "The Fireball" used to belong to Nicky's grandparents and housed her childhood camp adventures too! Kinda cool to think we've shared the same space that way. 

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