Saturday, March 12, 2011

Old with the New

A mash- up of some of the months great discoveries so far - thrift finds, attic goods and coupon buys. 

Blood Oranges: picked from our friend's mother's tree. 
Vintage Chairs: Old red chair recovered from mom's attic, belonged to my grandmother and will likely sit in the baby's nursery after some much needed reconstruction. Great news seeing that I believed it  to be victim of a past yard sale. How pretty is that fabric!?
Beach Bag: Thrifted, as reported in last post, at Goodwill for almost nothing! Super roomy, extra long handle = ideal toy, bucket, snack sack.
Saddle & Buster Brown shoes: Thrifted. Both pairs exceptionally cute on tiny feet.
Children's Navy Boat Shoes: Old Navy: free! Well, free with a coupon in the mail rewarding me for past purchases. A must have since Leon & Rex received the spiffy thrifted shoes above. Arlo, as brothers will, wanted to keep up. 
Striped Canvas Slip Ons: Target. 14$. I never buy shoes. Never have, never will be a shoe girl but these were so cute I couldn't resist. Though truth be told, they have no grip and are a little too slippery. Nothing beats the bare foot.


  1. Ah, what a sweet collection! I would love a blood orange off of a tree, what a poetic woman you are :)

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog, and I also think we are likeminded individuals, so great to meet you - and hope to see more of what you and your family get up to.
    Happy sunday :O)
    A xx
    PS. would love to be able to pick a blood orange -FAB

  3. I love those little shoes for the boys! Great finds. I wish I was that lucky when thrifting. How do you do it with the boys in tow?

  4. nice!
    the chair is gorgeous. i'm sure there are so many treasures in your mom's attic!
    the beach bag is perfect!
    hope to see you soon :D

  5. Amen to bare feet!!! I'm sure loving that beach bag and dress- makes me want a beach day right now!!! Do you have one of those old navy cards too? they send those fantastic 10$ coupons when you use the card- L.O.V.E. it!