Monday, March 28, 2011

Roadside Wanderers

 "It's going to rain"

 "It's not up to you, Mom. The clouds decide...The clouds decide if it's going to rain or not."

chasing thunderclouds and throwing rocks roadside while March rainstorms begin a'creepin over these, our home hills. 


  1. gaw! Sun and cute boys what more does one need!

  2. Oh, I pine for some nice warm air. It's all grey and maritime here, as usual.

    I am so excited for my little boy growing up into a big boy! I'd say I can't wait, but I know I can. Your son looks so sweet and like such a big boy!

    I loved your post on Alyce, by the way- you asked great questions! I used a few of them on my "about me" page, which was just sitting empty.

    Happy Spring,

  3. Thank you Claire! Glad you enjoyed the piece on Alyce. She seem like such a fun, down to earth girl. Honestly I could have asked her 200 questions, but didn't want to scare her :)

    Happy Monday to you!

  4. Aren't you guys gorgeous - and the photographs are simply stunning.
    A xx

  5. lovely photos! i wish i could be playing outside... we still have snow!

  6. Oooo these pictures are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them <3

  7. Such stunning photos and that first shot - I keep coming back to it - you should frame it x

  8. PS. - did I tell you I love the new look of your blog ♡♡