Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Bits

Laundry playlist: Nashville Skyline
Splurge: Trader Joe's Fresh, but slightly drooping, Cuts
Art: Spring Preschool Monster Paints
Recovered: Long Lost Ray Bans and Handed down Green leather Clutch
Leon's Book of Choice: Brown Bear
Lunch: To Be Determined. . .


  1. Nashville Skyline is the best :) You look awfully cute in those jeans, too.
    Thanks for sharing your wednesday!

  2. Digging your outfit - and great you found your long lost RayBans :O)
    Have a fab thursday !
    A xx

  3. Chicken taco . . . sigh . . . and fries. Picnic at my moms with a ton of babies on a big cotton blanket + drive through lunch orders and a slight tan on my face. All in all a nice Wed in the sun :)

  4. Sounds like a fantastic day indeed! :D Hooray for lost items- it's almost as good as getting new ones! LIke your toweled up hair. I almost called you yesterday to talk me out of cutting my bangs but the scissors won! I couldn't resist so now they're back. Something about my hair just HAD to change! ;)

  5. The album cover pic is super duper adorable. What a fresh and colorful day :)

  6. Fantastic! Love that green clutch wow x