Monday, April 25, 2011


Fresh crepes & rotating egg hunts. Peculiar clouds and sugar induced meltdowns. Easter this year was as hectic as ever. Especially split between two families in addition to an ever growing neighborhood gathering/hunt we are committed to early Sunday morning on our street - spills of children running a muck between houses, tearing into chocolate treats while adults huddled in pajamas sip coffee and try to ignore all the chaos at their backs. Exciting as it is for the boys, I do fantasize about one low-key holiday at home. Maybe next year. Should my cooking skills and backyard become more refined...


  1. Looks like soo much fun - love the bunny cake. Wish I lived in your neighborhood Jessica :)

  2. hahaha hungry lil' hobo! Rad shots... where are you in those??? I love the one of Mike leaning down to Arlo's sweet little head and of course the suspenders, boys trying to go in/out the door at the same time! K, I just loved em all :D Sounds like a fun day!

  3. sounds and looks like a fun day!
    sugar meltdowns are the best!
    happy easter to you all!

  4. Love this post. Love the photos, the little lads and the braces. Love that you're the only mummy blogger I've encountered so far who thought to mention the sugar meltdowns x

  5. I hear ya, it feels great to be so blessed and torn so many different directions, but one holiday with just the fam in the privacy of your own home seems like such a dream come true...

  6. We started off bright and early Easter morning with a neighborhood gathering/egg hunt too, then a party at the farm where Clover goes to preschool, then the afternoon at my mom's, then out to dinner with Lucas' mom, craziness. It was fun but tiring!

    That last photo is killin' me with how cute it is!