home works /part 1

So aside from trying to entertain an unstoppable preschooler, and the rest of this ever growing neighborhood kid clan running wild around these streets during a two week Spring Break vacation, I've been delving into the closets and storage spots throughout the house - first phase of a much needed spring cleansing to eliminate all the junk we've let pile up through the four years we've been here. A week long plight that included unpacking all those forgotten boxes beneath the stairs - remnants from "the old house" we neglected to ever properly go through. Certainly this is more of a job than I had ever imagined. But slowly, as the clutter starts to clear and space opens up it feels more than refreshing. Literally, like a weight being lifted. Another benefit of the cleanse is uncovering stuff I had either forgotten or considered lost. A couple old ink prints, our entire record collection, photo albums and other odd, beloved trinkets from times past. 

Here, a couple clips from recent focus (other than reorganizing): 
Paint chips, the ever revolving over the couch art self, newly stacked book storage in the dining hutch, fabric, vintage globes, grandma's 1940's drum lamp shade, Emma Lawrenson geometric prints, Ikea Jorun Rug. 

Next up, the remodel of the upstair bedrooms and all the fun involved in picking prints and art - as well as the love affair with Benjamin Moore back in full swing. So, many, great colors!