Monday, April 11, 2011

sweater weather

Is just about over with. Delighted as I am to have the warm season approaching, I have to admit I am going to miss my boys in their bright knit sweaters and little hooded heads. 

On with the sunscreen & flips flops we go...


  1. What a very lovely sweater collection! The boys are super cute and snuggly looking. I was thinking of doing some snaps of my sweaters- to say goodbye. Then I remembered I live in Washington and it never really gets warm over here bobbing around on the ocean.

  2. These guys are adorable woolen bundles, but I bet they're just as sweet in their springtime wares. As a girl from the North Country I have a special love for little peeps winter clothes, kids bundled up are just so freakin' cute, especially babes when they can barely move their arms. Thanks for the morning cheer-up committee.

  3. Jessica I adore these images of your awesome sons - HOW cool are they and that first image just made my heart melt. I love to see how to dress boys, as I only have girls and would have no idea how not to dress in tutu's and pigtails.
    AWWW I understand how you will miss them in their woollies - can't wait for a look into their summer wardrobe.

  4. hey girl! Are you anywhere near an Anthropologie store? They have a kids craft thing going on during Earth week:

    Thought I would let you know! Enjoy!

  5. such cute sweatered boys!
    shane won't leave a sweater on for the life of me...oh well :D

  6. Aww..they're so adorable! I love little sweaters :-) xoxooxo

  7. hehehehheheh.... little men in sweaters! They are so stinkin' adorable! Can't believe I missed these posts! Where have I been???