Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grandma's House


  1. man grandma's houses are fun! they always have the prettiest potted plants and all kinds of neat old fashioned goodies like that pencil sharpener. awesome.

    i love when kids get that dazed look on their face. it's like they get play-drunk. SUMMERTIME!!! woo hoo! what a buncha little cuties frolicking.

  2. SO cute! I love how gradually the kids peeled clothes off to trunks and then one shows up in the buck! :D Your moms house/yard is ideal for that kind of kid fun!

  3. so fun to have so many little fellas in your family! i'm assuming the boy with the nicely combed hair is your brother's? :D

    ps- i'm glad to be back as your beer buddy too! hope to see you guys soon.

  4. Your boys are just so darn cute! We're far from swimming here in the Pacific Northwest but I am just dying for it. I'm trying daily to get my husband to take us to southern Cali. Suuuuunshine is calling me.

    Your photos are as lovely as always :)
    Take Care,