Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hard to remember a point in my life when you did not own my heart. From the seeds of youth to the frontsteps of motherhood, you remain forever my guy. 

Happy Birthday Bobby D.


  1. yes, happy birthday to the man you would have married (had you been born 40 years earlier) :D

    Speaking of which, I snapped a shot of a Nicholson painting last weekend that I have to send you. He's the back up from 40+ years earlier... heheh

  2. almost did a similar post :D instead i just quoted him. and even though you would have married him as nicky said, i think you got as close as possible with mike. a cross between bob and bruce...not too shabby!

  3. At first glance I didn't recognize him and thought you were sharing sweet musings about your sweetheart. But then I got it ha ha Bob D- love him too - have a splendid day Jessica :O)
    A xx

  4. Aw what a wonderful post :)
    At first sight I thought "Hm where do I know this guy from?" and then the aha-effect.
    I really love to listen to his songs in special moments too.

    Have a fantastic weekend!