Sunday, May 1, 2011

Home Works/ part 2

While I spent the past few days couch bound due to a lingering cold, big things were happening outdoors. Loads of wood, rotating cement trucks, a crew of workers, concrete blocks and a few very curious little helpers soaking up their first lesson in landscape design - their father's absolute favorite topic of interest - which worked out perfectly because as all focus shifted to a suddenly transforming backyard, I was able to indulge in the marathon royal wedding television parade upstairs. It was just what I needed. And a fresh lot of concrete holding rows of olive trees waiting to fill their spot will be keeping the other half of this household quite happy for days and months to come I'm sure.


  1. hehe! Love your lil' helpers and how stinkin' cute are the handprints in cement?? We did a couple of those too while pouring our backyard cement! Erick's here looking and curious as to how it all came out! That's it. We're coming over :D

  2. i love house projects! and i envy that huge backyard of yours! can't wait to have a backyard...(sigh)...someday...

  3. This is awesome. And is it bad that I think it's hilarious that it appears that your tough little man is smokin' a cig as he pours concrete?! *I in no way endorse cig smokin,' esp. little men*

    Love the handprints, too! Makes you realize how close in age they are... they are just about all the same size!