Friday, June 24, 2011

Glory Days

Recently I came across a suitcase filled with old Polaroids. Countless shots detailing life in our early twenties. Bar stomps, apartment dwellings, bad haircuts, fashion mishaps and more. Of all the beloved memories snatched during this blissfully carefree period, the ones of us lounging beachside are among my favorite. One tends to forget (or ignore) the fact that before babies, an afternoon spent sunbathing on the sand, drinking beer -when beer was still allowed - flipping through magazines while listening to music was not a luxury, it was "routine." A reality that feels worlds away from life now. These days we still manage random beach trips, but they are utterly frantic and totally exhausting. About five times louder and ten times harder than they use to be. In fact the thought of falling asleep anywhere near water only startles my poor heart to skip a beat. For the life of me I can't remember the last time I actually laid down on the sand. Or any place that was not my own bed, late at night, for that matter. Makes me think a little vacation, sans kids, might be in order. Something easy, by the ocean. To remember what a nap under the sun feels like. Just long enough to make me miss wiping sand out of tiny toes and chasing over-adventurous boys down the beach to pile back into a filthy RV headed for home.


  1. Oh, absolutely! This post is timely. I caught up with an old friend last week and we were giggling about the 'old' days and how refreshing it was to talk to someone who knew you back when you showed your 'cheeky streak' and liked a party. Def need to remember those days when up to your neck in routine parenting life. I love your beautiful Polaroids of bygone days and the way you've scattered them x

  2. You painted that picture so well and I love that you have polaroids. I was just going through a box of old photos the other day and laughing! Sometimes, I too, find it hard to remember what hanging out without kids was even like and how carefree we used to be. It will come again and I'll be wishing I would have enjoyed EVERY moment of having them around! (Isn't that just the way it goes??!!)

    A get away sans kids (and neighbors and more kids- hahahha) sounds fun and much deserved. Hope you get it soon!!!

  3. Brilliant - I can't remember the last time I relaxed being out, and can't remember the last nap or book read for that matter on a beach :) Holiday - sans kids seems rather appealing at the time.
    A xx

  4. Do you ever wish you could go back in time, take yourself by the shoulders and say "Enjoy it. Really enjoy it, little lady." I miss the days of sitting in the sun for hours at a time, with nothing in particular on my mind. Nicky is right, though. This time goes by fast, and sitting around will never be quite the same once you've become accustomed to the sounds of your family.

    Lots of Love,

  5. rad! so well put!

    i actually had kids so early that i never really experienced too much freedom as an adult. and as for sleeping near water, or anywhere outside for that matter, that would truly be a dream!

    i want to see your polaroids. i'll have to dig mine out too.