Strangely enough, our summer so far has been surprisingly low-key. The days are indeed long as I remember, and the calendar is quickly filling up with the typical summer type events, but so far we've had a nice little break here at home, letting the daily routine fall as it will, having to be nowhere at no specific time. A huge relief after 9 months spent rushing to school, to parties, to plays, appointments,  pick-ups, and playdates. It surely does wear you out by the end of the school year.

Last week, though, we did venture out twice: once to the Science and Discovery Museum, and once to a new park in a new town to meet up with my old Professor and friend from College. Todd, my favorite teacher/preacher/rapper friend, taught my boys how to bust open fruit by throwing them against rocks. Seeing how perfectly barbaric this felt, and how nicely the watermelon sliced upon the tossing, they are naturally fixated on smashing open just about anything they can find. Like Arlo said "who needs forks and stuff when we have rocks?"

Leave it to Uncle Todd. . .