Monday, June 13, 2011

Community Yard Sale

With our massive home purging going on, a community yard sale couldn't have come at a better time. A great way to motivate the awful task of going through all those old boxes & forgotten shelves we've neglected for far too long. Even though the traffic was a bit disappointing compared to years past, the fact that we finally dragged most of the junk out was a triumph in itself. Whatever didn't sell we donated, freeing up so much new (needed) space.

Other than the loot, the boy's lemonade stand was once again a big hit. This year they offered donuts in addition to the juice - which, it appears, is very hard for the average weekend scavenger to pass up. I mean, who doesn't love a warm donut on a cool morning while on the hunt? Thanks to the neighbor kids and rotating shifts, they made enough $$ to supply every child on the block with big sticks from the ice cream truck for the rest of the summer. So here's to sticky driveways and lots of happy little ants headed our way.


  1. The lemonade and donuts are pretty tempting :) Emptying out the house and freeing up space gives me such a psychic lift. One moment I can feel like the walls are caving in, then I rearrange something and get stuff out of corners and voila! Happy mama.

    Happy Summer,

  2. Your little one makes me smile in every picture! How do keep from pinching those cheeks all day! There never seems to be lemonade stands in the city (I'm sure they would be issued a ticket!) What a nice weekend!

  3. Looks like fun- especially "Arlo's Lemonade" stand!!! Ya gotta sell donuts at a yard sale :D Cool that the kids got a reward for their hard work!!!

    I've been trying to put a garage sale together (and SO cool that you have that clothing hanger thing- I need to get one). I've been going through and weeding out all the items that just don't need to be there anymore! Clutter can get so outta control! Especially for a hoarder like me- haha!

  4. OH my - I LOVE this Jessica - I have lemonade stands on film, read about them, but never seen or tasted real lemonade, this has got to be the most awesome thing I have seen so far this week. Well done boys and you.
    A xx