Tales of a thrift store junkie. . .

Anyone invested in the art of thrifting will tell you that sometimes, when you least expect it, the dime store Gods call out to you - urging that you get out there - no matter what you've got going on, to unearth a certain gem, meant for you to own. So goes the hunt, scouring the corners of those dusty little stores looking for your special treasure. Lately I haven't gotten "the call."Possibly because I was (purposely) tuned out in order to focus on getting this house back together, clearing out existing junk, and trying very hard not to buy what we do not absolutely need, or LOVE wholeheartedly. 

Yesterday was different. Something told me I needed to venture out, so I packed up 3 very sweaty, super cranky little boys - one shoeless - and headed out to a new spot I'd heard about from a friend. Within 2 minutes I knew why I was there. This big, beautiful basket was calling out to me, begging for a home. 

I'm so happy I listened. 

Thursday Thrift Scores:
Oversized Woven Basket: 4.00 $
Perfectly worn red boy's converse: 1.50 $
Vintage boy's Levi flannel: 1.00 $
One small wooden airplane: Free!