Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Day of School

Today, being the first day of school, parents were allowed to stay the class duration, alongside their kindergartner. To help "ease" the transition they explained. For them, or us, I'm not quite sure. I promised Arlo beforehand not to embarrass him by taking tons of photos and video.

But, if this video is any proof, it's safe to say I failed that right off the bat.
Sorry kid.

With that, we wish him the best of luck.
Our bright and handsome little school boy.
On his own tomorrow.


  1. AHHHH that is so wonderful - make me all proud and mummy-ish (my turn next year with Audrey) - they are so big the little ones, what a great big day :) Loved how his hands are constantly trying to get the camera off - bless.
    Fab memories Jessica - Axx

  2. oh my, so cute. He looks so much like his dad! Love the cute of him up against the fence with the balloons. nice job!

  3. Too cute! Thanks Mom! Even if he doesn't appreciate it now, his own children will. You're capturing history in the making ;D

  4. Oh little Arlito... such a sweet soul.