On The Road

It has long been my belief that in times of great stress, such as a 4-day vacation, the thin veneer of family wears off almost at once, and we are revealed in our true personalities.”
- Shirley Jackson 

So our family, and a couple friends are gearing up for a short trip up north - "God's Country" as Mr. Blair commonly referred to it, to enjoy my BF's family cabin overlooking the lake. 

Fingers crossed the weekend is a relaxing one, that my boys behave themselves and that we get to sit around the deck, like damp rags in the sun, snacking, drinking, and scrabbling like those big wooden decks are made for. Wish us luck. Rex isn't the best backseat baby. So 6 hours sailing down the Pacific Coast Highway might be a little less than divine for the rest of us. 
Like I said, fingers crossed. . .

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