Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Road Trip: Part One

Location: Santa Barbara

The first night of our trip we spent in Santa Barbara. Set up by a friend who apparently has some serious hook-ups in the city seeing that I had spent an entire afternoon on the phone, on the web, pulling my hair out trying to book us a last minute room for the following evening. When I contacted Sara, hoping for some insight as to why it was next to impossible to stay there on a Friday (turns out all the chaos was due to a celebrity wedding in the area) she got back to me, almost immediately, with news of a free suite overlooking the beach, ready and waiting, for our traveling circus to fill. We were beyond excited and more than grateful. To top it off, we were greeted upon arrival with a bucket of champagne and dinner tickets to a great fish house downtown. I can't remember the last time we ate out as a family, so our dinner was my favorite part of our stay. Now I am determined to get out to meet this girl, to thank her (and her ManFriend) in person.  

Side Note
( Even though I consider Sara a friend, and genuinely feel like I "know" her, we've actually never met. We are old "bed rest" buddies --  introduced on an Internet support  group for high risk pregnant woman (with Leon I had multiple complications) and went on to keep in contact with each other over the years, but have yet to ever set up a proper meet-up!)

The following day we introduced the boys to the joys of Continental Breakfast, ice cream cones, State St window shopping, and even managed some brief thrifting. Naturally it got rougher as the hours passed and the boys got cranky, so we piled back in the car, up the coast, headed for the Country, where time slows down and stars light the night sky.

Next post I have a fun video that sums up our wonderful weekend on the lake.


  1. Sounds like bliss - and how awesome was this set up. Friends can still be there even though you have never met - I have discovered this since starting blogging - I have met likeminded people from everywhere - that I would not have met otherwise - YAY to new friendships :)

  2. It's always so nice to look at your wonderful family photos, it makes me feel all warm inside around my little heart :)
    No seriously, it always looks like you guys have tons of fun by simply being a reall cute family! Please don't ever stop doing that ;)

  3. omg, i love that table shot of all the (little) men. SUPER ADORABLE!

  4. sounds like an amazing hook-up! love that picture of the little guy wrapped up with sunnies on. so sweet.

  5. Love when things work out this way! Can't wait to see the video :) LOVE the new background design too!

  6. Alyce -those are actually the fabric from the discounted curtains I just bought - isn't it a fun pattern!

  7. looks like a lot of fun! so awesome about the free room. it will be cool when you get to meet your friend in person :D

    look forward to seeing the video!