Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shoes of His Own

When you are the 3rd boy, born within 4 years, there isn't much that belongs to you, and you alone. If your parents are practical, fairly frugal people, then hand-me-downs account for nearly everything you acquire. Well worn or outgrown by your bigger brothers, and set aside for you, to naturally inherit. Which is the reason pulling baby Rex's first "official" walking shoes from our mailbox yesterday felt like such a treat. Not only does he look completely handsome in his new leather sandals, but I know in years to come, when I run across them tossed in piles of the old, I will remember buckling his fat little feet and watching them run wild around the house. His. And his alone. 


  1. I LOVE that! As the youngest of 5 girls in the 70's. I know that feeling too of finally having something all my own, just for me. It did not occur very often and was usually a pair of New hush puppies school shoes from the little shoe store. Most of my other shoes were brought to the old man who worked out of his garage and had a little cobbler shop and I would get new soles. I remember when I would go back with my Dad to pick them up, the man made me feel like they were ruby slippers worn for the first time.

  2. We have three little girls all 18 months apart and I've passed everything down between them. It's fun to remember who wore what and where it came from.It's light on the wallet too;) And now we have a little boy who has received many hand me downs from friends. But we need sandals. I L O V E these! Can I ask where they came from?

  3. Never mind , I figured out they are saltwaters :)