The Ace

So it seems September is a bust in blogland. I know I've had a really tough time keeping up on posts, and, well, reading them for that matter. I've been nearly absent here the past couple weeks and noted several others having the same issue. Perhaps wrapping up summer isn't as easy as it seems? I know for us, it's been a whirlwind. Last weekend though, we slipped away to the desert, to the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs for our fifth (or 15th) anniversary, and had a blast. I had been wanting to get out there to see this hotel for what seems like forever, so I was happily surprised to find that it was even cooler than I had hoped for. Of course as little as we get out together & away from the boys, it honestly wouldn't take much. That said, we are both itching to get back there as soon as possible, for whatever excuse we can wrangle. 

Other than that we've been devoted to finishing up the never ending house projects that keep popping up, making Arlo's little league games, preparing for Fall crafts and experimenting with some industrial styled furniture we hope to have in an Etsy account next month! All great, exciting stuff I look forward to sharing in future posts.

To a productive new season!