Thursday, September 8, 2011

In Between Heat Waves & Exhaustion

We've managed to enjoy the tail end of our summer season (Mostly indoors, seeing that the weather lately has been downright disgusting where we are) Not many enjoyable activities can take place in 105+ temperatures.

In addition to the heat, I've been incredibly exhausted from a mess of ongoing house projects, new school duties,  & the trying task of keeping three wild little boys mildly entertained indoors, waiting on this dreadful weather to cool.

On the bright side, being holed up in the house makes for great movie marathon excuses, so while Mike has been dutifully devoted to backyard progressions, planting trees and grating the dirt slops before the Fall rains come, I've been dedicated to the upstairs couch, watching all of the great movies I've been too busy for on Netflix these past few months: Most notably "Last Night" with Kiera Knightly, "Elegy" - a Phillip Roth Novel and "Be Here to Love me" the Townes Van Zandt documentary (which was, in all honesty, just a bit too depressing for even me)

For the record: I'm counting these lazy weekends as a personal triumph. Learning to relax a little instead of working continuously at a fruitless attempt at keeping a tidy house. At this point, the endless cycle of picking up toys, wiping down counters, cleaning windows and even vacuuming is pretty much laughable. The end result always lasts about 45 minutes. At best.  

Hope all your extra long weekends were good to you. Can't wait to get caught up on the posts!


  1. So many things to say!! You bought the apple poster!! I love it! Looks so good. Can we talk about "Last Night" ? Oh. my. goodness. Created many a good conversation between me and the boy. Did you feel one was more guilty than the other? I'm about to start reading "Rules of Civility" but I do love a good Philip Roth (the Human Stain SO scandalous). life is too short to be tidy! xx

  2. Alyce: So Loving the Apple headed poster! When/if I ever finish Rex's room, I will post more about how happy it makes our house :)

    Last Night was killer, wasn't it -- My perfect idea of what a Sat. night movie on the couch should be. I watched it alone, though, so no one to converse with after it was over. I found that I did judge, and take sides (leaning towards her as the more "innocent") as well as get a little distracted by that amazing loft! I kept pausing to hold a glimpse, thinking "wow, ok. I need a coat rack & mirror like that" Anyway, It's a great movie. Strange no one else I know ever mentioned it. . .

    And now I'm thinking I Gotta get my hands on the Human Stain. Sounds juicy!

  3. so the townes movie was super depressing? i suppose i'm not suprised. speaking of depressing movies, i watched precious the other night...amazing acting but such a disturbing story. after watching it i felt i had no right to complain about anything. what that poor girl went through is unbelievable.

    anyway, glad to hear your taking it easy and hope you're feeling better this week.

    ps- woody allen's new movie is out. my om saw it and liked it...can't wait to see it!

  4. Sounds like your summer was the reverse of ours - we had no sun but ridiculous amounts of rain - and have also spent most of the summer indoors :) Next year hopefully it will be a mix of both of our summers - that would be perfect.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Oh, Jessica sorry to hear you've been so exhausted... that kind of heat can be pretty cruel you say it's also hard to keep the little ones continually entertained indoors. You've got the right attitude to the housework :) Take care and hope the weather chills a bit.


  6. I find it exhausting enough cleaning up after my one wild little lady, I can't even imagine what it must be like for you! Relax away, I say, you deserve it!

    Thanks for letting me know about the iphone video. May have to high jack the hubby's phone on our next road trip ;)

    Oh, and YES, you must check out Sally Mann's photography, she is my all time favorite photographer as well!