Thrift Picks & Trash Dives

I haven't been out & about on the thrift circuit lately, but on my one & only stop last month I did manage to run across a couple classic gems.

Picks Being: 
* Striped Navy Button up
* White ceramic plant bowl (can never have too many!)
* Vintage cowboy/cloud throw (Adorable print - mysteriously tossed in my cart while I was around the corner in the book section, leading me to believe someone knew how utterly happy it would make me
The rest of the treasures Mike and I uncovered from his job site this past weekend. 

The mod metal chair is from an old hospital waiting room and was sitting next to a pile of trash before we rescued it, the rustic wood planked boards we took home in bundles for some shelving and to accent a few corners of the house. Mike even mentioned making some basic industrial style furniture out of what is left over to put on Etsy. Meaning I should probably seriously consider getting a site set up after all.