Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Rain of Fall

Everybody is excited today. It's raining! Like, REAL rain that calls for digging out those big umbrellas we put away and forget we actually own. A genuine treat for us Californians.

// Arlo's cute account of seasons switching on tree life. 


  1. oh my gosh! is that fine lookin' orange truck for me?! hahaha is that a bronco? and is it mike's next project? wish i could buy it off you guys :D

    you got a dog i see. congrats. hope you don't have to chase him down the street while he's barking at runners heels like bowie use to do ;)

    oh yes. i have your books set aside. ruben was suppose to give them to mike at practice guessed it, he forgot. i'll get them to you one way or another.

  2. Anne, I wish SOMEONE I know would buy this beauty! Isn't it the coolest?! I am so tempted to delete Mike's craiglist posting . . .

    No worries. I know the books are in safe hands. Whenever. Hopefully once you get settled in the new place we'll hang out & catch up. I bet the baby is getting SO big!

    And thanks for the wonder years update. We started on episode one and I was in tears all over again. God, that's a great show.