Meet Jack

The newest member of our family.

He is small, ruggedly handsome, and pretty gosh darn lazy for a dog his age. He sleeps under all the furniture, follows me adoringly from room to room as I pick up toys, and happily engages in the occasional game of tug-a-war which Arlo and the babies find hysterical. As much as were we "not ready for another dog" - he really has been the perfect housemate so far. Plus, his back story makes him totally irresistible -- Our photography friend, Kristin rescued him from a failing shelter in L.A just hours before he was to be put down. Horrible to imagine a young, healthy dog with a heart this big would suffer such a sad fate, right? Lucky for us she snagged him up. Seems he's got a long life ahead of him chasing after these three boys.

Welcome to the pack, Jack.