Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meet Jack

The newest member of our family.

He is small, ruggedly handsome, and pretty gosh darn lazy for a dog his age. He sleeps under all the furniture, follows me adoringly from room to room as I pick up toys, and happily engages in the occasional game of tug-a-war which Arlo and the babies find hysterical. As much as were we "not ready for another dog" - he really has been the perfect housemate so far. Plus, his back story makes him totally irresistible -- Our photography friend, Kristin rescued him from a failing shelter in L.A just hours before he was to be put down. Horrible to imagine a young, healthy dog with a heart this big would suffer such a sad fate, right? Lucky for us she snagged him up. Seems he's got a long life ahead of him chasing after these three boys.

Welcome to the pack, Jack. 


  1. Aawww he is dearest! How lucky he is to be saved and welcomed into your family! I can imagine your boys loved him from the first second :)

  2. Jack, you are one lucky pup! Jessica, he is lovely and will no doubt make your boys so happy :)

  3. AHH Jessica that is a lovely life for Jack - look at his adorable little face - so cute:)