Here We Go

Wow. These last couple weeks felt like a whirlwind. Our calendar eaten away by a host of holiday parties, birthday celebrations, school functions, neighborhood gatherings, and one very violent flu that swept through our house with a vengeance, knocking just about every one of us flat on our back for a week or more. It was ugly. And, as we all know, when mom goes down, the house falls apart. . .
(hence the lack of bloggerly love)

So today, the first of November, with everybody on the mend, I am determined get things back in order. Pick up the pieces and ready the house, reorganize the cupboards, finish the the rooms I've torn apart, and prepare this home (and our selves) for the next big holiday. Because, let's face it, Christmas will tear you apart if you are not armed and ready. If there's one thing I've learned in my adult years, it is this. Especially with kids. 

Hope everyone had a great Halloween. Aside from the tail end of that nasty virus lingering still, we had good fun with rotating costume changes making the rounds at endless parties, with three hefty bags of candy on our kitchen counter to show for it.