Monday, November 14, 2011

Home Works // Out with the Old, in with the Wood

This weekend we finally ripped out that god awful carpet plaguing our master room (now Arlo & Leon's quarters) though not the same version we have in our loft area. Replaced it with some snap together laminate flooring we found for a super fair deal last week at the outlet stores in Orange. Ideally, we had hoped to match the wide planked wood we have throughout the downstairs but our budget had different ideas. And really, these look pretty darn good for what we paid. 

We also came to an agreement on the design for a large built-in to house all their favorite toys, books, blocks, craft tools, as well as offer up a nice space for homework and drawing. I was thinking along more modern lines but Mike is leaning towards semi industrial, train track styled planking with roll away carts to keep all of their things both orderly and accessible. We'll have to see how this combination works out in reality  - Hopefully this weekend's plan of attack.

Other than home workings, we're still busy building for etsy - sewing the teepees & working out stains,  and obviously trying to keep everything else in order while this constructive home chaos ensues. As for my birthday, I had a great time with a few girl friends in the city. Amazing dinner and wine with two of my oldest friends, and then my very first experience at the Rose Bowl Sunday morning, which I'll be excited to share here later in the week.

For now, off to carpool duties! 


  1. Okay, note to self. Get a little boy to paint the bedroom. Too cute. And the room might get painted. Ethical problems (provided that the paint is non-toxic): is it okay to tell a friend that you're "babysitting" when really you want to use their kid for child labor?

    I've heard the Rose Bowl is amazing.

  2. Love how you all chip in - making your home so cool. YAY.
    Happy wednesday - hope the sun shines on you all.

  3. cool even the kids are there while making the repairs.

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  5. I like it! We've got some yucky carpet in our bedroom too that needs to be dealt with. Liking the wall color you chose. Also, my goodness I think you've got some of the most stylishly dressed little boys out there. The stripey sweater and the mini Toms are killin' me!