Love from The Long Bonds

Hey guys,
I wanted to share my little slice of gratitude for yesterday's highlight. I am so honored by the warm write up featuring House of Habit by Morgan over at The Long Bonds. Her complements fully embrace what I initially hoped my blog would inhabit when I began, almost a year ago now. Seeking to carve out my own personal outlet to house the daily happenings of suburban living, the way we as a young family know it to be. A creative corner for a modern housewife who at any given hour of the day might feel overwhelmed, inspired, informative, or even completely frustrated with the plight at hand, as well as a way to connect to others who might share the same plight, or even exist in totally separate circumstances but still identify with blog's overall vision. After all, any blogger will tell you there are defiantly days when you do doubt yourself, or your posts, or worry that you are maybe too insignificant, idle, or even downright simplistic to embrace (especially when you don't get out of the house very often) and in turn, may cause you to question the very idea of keeping a personal account here on the blog at all. Which I do. Often.

So indeed it is a great complement to see that Morgan, and hopefully others, find something refreshing here in my corner. Where I see it like a modern option to Woolf's urgings in A Room of One's Own. 

Per Morgan's request, I've offered up some background info seeing that I really haven't done so, mostly due to the fact that I have very little time in the day that belongs to me and me alone so posts are typically shorter & sweeter than I might prefer. 

Mike and I dated nearly 10 years before we had Arlo. He was in fact a surprise for me at 26, and the best one I ever could have hoped for. We were married shortly after and although we had loosely agreed to wanting three children down the line, we are not the kind of people to really "Plan" for anything like that, so before I knew it I was pregnant four times, in four years. One baby I lost, and was expecting far sooner than anticipated following the miscarriage. Our third boy was then born 16 months after Leon. Again, not planned - And let me tell you - their age difference is extremely trying at times, and probably not an age gap I would recommend, but the three of them are endlessly entertaining to make up for it so we take it as it is and try to laugh as much as we can along the way. 

I have people ask us constantly if we'll have more children, or whether we will in fact "try for a girl" and really I don't think we've quite decided. But I do know that me and my body are enjoying the "break,"and that I would never have another baby simply to try and score a specific gender. In other words, yes I would love to stock up on little vintage dresses and wood doll houses, but we surely won't be spinning sperm, or following weird wise tales to see it through. For us, the idea of a healthy baby in itself is always the ideal outcome. 

The Carpet: 
I have to say it does photograph better than it looks in person. Just a standard, medium shag with flecks of gray mixed in the brown that we choose because it looked like it would hide most of the awful things children do to carpet. And it's done it's job. Held up pretty well for the past few years, hiding old milk spills and far worse. But we're actually pulling it out of the three bedrooms this week to make way for hard wood, which means plenty more room for block building and hot wheel races. 
Oh, the joys of boys. 

Thanks for stopping in & please be sure and check out Morgan' lovely site.