Tuesday, November 8, 2011

'Round Here

We are celebrating school awards, 
enjoying a change of weather, 
eating popcorn for lunch, 
chasing ragged dogs down for baths, 
playing indoors, 
and growing mighty anxious for all the Holiday festivities just around the corner. 

But first, own personal celebration spent with a couple friends in L.A as a little birthday getaway this weekend. Thrifting, dining, drinking, and possibly a first trip to the Rose Bowl Flea Market Sunday morning where I'm bound to find something I absolutely can't live without, right? 

I'll let you know what I stumble upon.


  1. Cutie-pies, my gosh! I really wish one could have school portraits taken of themselves every few years in adulthood too...Those little sticker ones plesase. I love that 2nd photo, they are too adorable. What merry little men.

  2. Just a stranger here, who had to post some love for the wonderful world you've created for us 'round the glorious House of Habit...


    Thank you for what you do. xo.

    - morgan

  3. Sounds like you're off to a good birthday start!!! And YES, you'll love the flea market. You took so many fantastic candids above- I love the one of Arlo holding his school pictures and Leon under the blanket! SO sweet! Let's clink a glass of birthday wine soon, yeah?

  4. You have the most darling babes EVER! So cute!
    Happy early Birthday!! Enjoy your birthday weekend!! Hope you find something special for yourself!
    See you next week to continue the birthday celebration!

  5. Aw, you've got so much little boy cuteness going on in your world! Always love your snapshots :)

    I hope you find some wonderful birthday treasures at the flea!