Wood Works // part 2

For those of you not on instagram, I thought I'd share a sneak peaks of some of our recent wood workings for the etsy site we hope to have up shortly. Mike's been busy on the weekends building some of the pieces I've laid out in sketches, and man it's been fun to see all these ideas come to fruition. But slightly hard to want to let go of. Funny how you become attached to the stuff you create. 

Aside from a few industrial items (restored carts, vintage iron pulleys) we are also loving the kid items we'll be focused on. The canvas fold away teepees and modern wood block or pin leg stools are my favorite. Hopefully we'll be shooting this weekend. In a great old loft in downtown L.A where the lighting is ideal. Can't wait to get some (honest) feedback from you guys. 

Until then, hope your November is off to a good start!

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