Keeping Up

Seems every year, somehow, we manage to add more to our plate.

Trying to keep up with the December babies in our family & the celebrations attached to the fact.

Scouring to finish Christmas shopping, which grows harder as the weeks pass seeing that certain little boys frequently switch up the "want" list.

Preparing for our annual Christmas party. Lots of work but more than worth the effort and chaos involved. One beautiful night to spend with old friends and fancy dresses.

Wondering how long this cold streak will last. Loving the big gray clouds we wake to, but hoping it all passes by Saturday. In time for the party.

Watching lots of holiday movies.

Visiting Arlo's class on a regular basis. Getting familiar with all those sweet little kindergarten faces.

Building things for the house of habit etsy orders, as well as the random word of mouth requests that roll in.

All in all, doing our best to keep up with this wild season.

Hope you are all merry & well. I'm afraid I've missed out on lots here lately. Hopefully getting back in the swing of things soon,

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