Sunday, July 24, 2011

Endless Summer

Sometimes California, you don't have to explain yourself.

Another glorious weekend on the beach, camping with a long-lost childhood friend and her crew, whom we took a liking to instantly. All of us doing our best to try & soak up every blissful hour of summer sun before the season slips away and hands us Fall.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Tales of a thrift store junkie. . .

Anyone invested in the art of thrifting will tell you that sometimes, when you least expect it, the dime store Gods call out to you - urging that you get out there - no matter what you've got going on, to unearth a certain gem, meant for you to own. So goes the hunt, scouring the corners of those dusty little stores looking for your special treasure. Lately I haven't gotten "the call."Possibly because I was (purposely) tuned out in order to focus on getting this house back together, clearing out existing junk, and trying very hard not to buy what we do not absolutely need, or LOVE wholeheartedly. 

Yesterday was different. Something told me I needed to venture out, so I packed up 3 very sweaty, super cranky little boys - one shoeless - and headed out to a new spot I'd heard about from a friend. Within 2 minutes I knew why I was there. This big, beautiful basket was calling out to me, begging for a home. 

I'm so happy I listened. 

Thursday Thrift Scores:
Oversized Woven Basket: 4.00 $
Perfectly worn red boy's converse: 1.50 $
Vintage boy's Levi flannel: 1.00 $
One small wooden airplane: Free! 

Stuck On:

The Glow
Gorgeous shots of mothers & children. Sweet interviews and lovely home decor as backdrop. Everything about this site I find endlessly intriguing.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer on our street

Home Works / Part 3

This weekend we devoted to working on our newly downscaled bedroom. Trading spaces with the baby. Switching rooms and closets feels almost as overwhelming as actual moving, minus the boxes. I was also reminded of what an awful painter I am, and how much I truly despise cutting trim, and why I can so easily talk myself into paying a real professional next time seeing that now matter how hard I try, my mistakes end up pulling close to the same amount from our pockets.

But still, the worst is over. Putting it all back together is the fun part.

Thursday, July 14, 2011



 noun \ˈhi-pə-ˌkrit\

Definition of HYPOCRITE

: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings

That would be me. Despite my tireless rants about iphones/ipads turning people into 'techno zombies' (for the record, I still believe they do. Only now, I am one of them) I am not afraid to admit that I am totally in love with my new phone and literally have to force myself to set it down throughout the day. 
There. I said it. 

Party On

This past weekend we were jam packed with celebrations. Saturday we were fortunate enough to take part in a 'welcome back' party for our friends who recently relocated their growing family to Alabama and are here for a short stop to visit old Cali folk. In addition to a really cool wood deck pool, tons of tasty food, and all sorts of glitter and candy busted from the donkey pinata, we also took turns with some sparklers and managed (in midst of this unfolding backyard mayhem) to get briefly caught up with the girls, and their new and exciting life happenings. Specially word of baby Hank due this September! 

Sunday was notably more low key. My beautiful niece turned 21 this month, so we toasted the occasion with cupcakes & champagne at mom's house. Best wishes to her as well, to all that awaits her in her roaring twenties.

Hope everyone is enjoying some festive summer celebrations of their own, and making the most of these long hours in the sun. I know we certainly are.