Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Ace

So it seems September is a bust in blogland. I know I've had a really tough time keeping up on posts, and, well, reading them for that matter. I've been nearly absent here the past couple weeks and noted several others having the same issue. Perhaps wrapping up summer isn't as easy as it seems? I know for us, it's been a whirlwind. Last weekend though, we slipped away to the desert, to the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs for our fifth (or 15th) anniversary, and had a blast. I had been wanting to get out there to see this hotel for what seems like forever, so I was happily surprised to find that it was even cooler than I had hoped for. Of course as little as we get out together & away from the boys, it honestly wouldn't take much. That said, we are both itching to get back there as soon as possible, for whatever excuse we can wrangle. 

Other than that we've been devoted to finishing up the never ending house projects that keep popping up, making Arlo's little league games, preparing for Fall crafts and experimenting with some industrial styled furniture we hope to have in an Etsy account next month! All great, exciting stuff I look forward to sharing in future posts.

To a productive new season!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Farewell Summer // Home Video

In spite of lingering heat, a blow-up pool still half full in our backyard and a freezer stocked with fruit pops, the Halloween decorations hanging from my neighbor's frail magnolia tree this morning tell me summer is in fact through.

But man, did we make the most of it.

Mrs. Habit on Vimeo.

Till next year.

* footnote: familiar faces as seen on A Cup Full of Sunshine!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Birthday Boy

Leon Thomas Turned 3 this week. He ate cake and opened presents alongside a brand new dog and a house full of balloons. It was a great day and hopefully fulfilled all his lofty 3yr old expectations.

Happy birthday sweet boy.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Thrift Picks & Trash Dives

I haven't been out & about on the thrift circuit lately, but on my one & only stop last month I did manage to run across a couple classic gems.

Picks Being: 
* Striped Navy Button up
* White ceramic plant bowl (can never have too many!)
* Vintage cowboy/cloud throw (Adorable print - mysteriously tossed in my cart while I was around the corner in the book section, leading me to believe someone knew how utterly happy it would make me
The rest of the treasures Mike and I uncovered from his job site this past weekend. 

The mod metal chair is from an old hospital waiting room and was sitting next to a pile of trash before we rescued it, the rustic wood planked boards we took home in bundles for some shelving and to accent a few corners of the house. Mike even mentioned making some basic industrial style furniture out of what is left over to put on Etsy. Meaning I should probably seriously consider getting a site set up after all. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

In Between Heat Waves & Exhaustion

We've managed to enjoy the tail end of our summer season (Mostly indoors, seeing that the weather lately has been downright disgusting where we are) Not many enjoyable activities can take place in 105+ temperatures.

In addition to the heat, I've been incredibly exhausted from a mess of ongoing house projects, new school duties,  & the trying task of keeping three wild little boys mildly entertained indoors, waiting on this dreadful weather to cool.

On the bright side, being holed up in the house makes for great movie marathon excuses, so while Mike has been dutifully devoted to backyard progressions, planting trees and grating the dirt slops before the Fall rains come, I've been dedicated to the upstairs couch, watching all of the great movies I've been too busy for on Netflix these past few months: Most notably "Last Night" with Kiera Knightly, "Elegy" - a Phillip Roth Novel and "Be Here to Love me" the Townes Van Zandt documentary (which was, in all honesty, just a bit too depressing for even me)

For the record: I'm counting these lazy weekends as a personal triumph. Learning to relax a little instead of working continuously at a fruitless attempt at keeping a tidy house. At this point, the endless cycle of picking up toys, wiping down counters, cleaning windows and even vacuuming is pretty much laughable. The end result always lasts about 45 minutes. At best.  

Hope all your extra long weekends were good to you. Can't wait to get caught up on the posts!