Return of the Sputnik

Our first home (a little 1920's spanish boon) taught us everything we (ok, Mike,) know about home renovation. If you want to learn in the inns & outs of hard core DIY work, restoring an old home will do it (That is, if you don't have tons of money to dump into hiring people for quick & easy projects and are brimming with lots of positive determination)

Anyway, in our old kitchen, above the breakfast nook, hung the brass vintage sputnik Mike had stumbled across ages ago while on tour, and fallen in love with. Everybody loved it. So much so that when we sold the house, the new buyer requested it stay in tact, above that nook.
So that is where we left it.

I've always missed it a little but figured it would never work in a stark (semi boring) track home, until I started seeing these lovely chrome versions popping up in very sparse, modern settings, complemented by reclaimed accents and everything else we adore. So now (right in line with my obsession of putting a brick accent wall someplace in this house) is finding a smaller scale (and decently priced) chrome sputnik. New, old, I don't care.

I just think it would be a lot of fun to have a nod to the "old days" light a corner in this house.

*not sure exactly where images are taken - but a wild guess says designsponge.