Sunday, January 1, 2012


As expected, December was a whirlwind.

We lost track of appointments, cameras, time, blogs and budgets.
We wrapped feverishly up until the wee hours of the 24th
Rushed out for last minute shopping sprees in overcrowded malls,
Felt stressed,
Talked to Santa,
Wore sweaters,
Sang songs,
Ate too much with family
Toasted old friends
And went out to dinner once.

When it was all through, we were left with a dizzying pride over the fact that we had managed, one way or another, to keep up with everything Christmas called for.
Loud, chaotic, messy, and joyful.

And boy, are we glad it's through.

Happy Christmas.
To another New Year.


  1. Ha ha sounds like you did have a busy end of year! Your boys are so adorable though! All the best for 2012, I'm sure it's going to be amazing! x

  2. Your boys are too cute Jessica! What a lovely whirlwind it appears to have been :) Happy New Year to you and the fam!

  3. I knew that you would post some adorable Christmas photos of your little ones sooner or later! Aw my goodness, are these photos CUTE! <3

    I'm glad you made it through December alive ;) Happy new year and all the best in 2012 for you and your darling family!

  4. little rex in those suspenders is just too cute! love all the pics of your adorable family. great christmas card too!

    look forward to seeing you all soon. happy new year!