Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Thrift Picks

It's been quite awhile since I've dedicated a post to thrift picks. Due to the fact that these past few months  we've had little time to indulge in such adventures. But yesterday, on a whim, I took the boys and drove out of town to a giant Salvation Army hunkered right in the middle of nowhere (a spot I've visited only a handful of times but carried out bagfulls of goodies every time) and, as anticipated, scored once again.

The goods being:

- Rayon geometric button down
- Two pieces of ceramic pottery and matching mini mugs
- Tribal patterned skirt & kaki swing ankle length skirt (not pictured)
- Oversized cardigan
- Vintage boy's bathrobe / kimono 
- Brand new cherokee slips ons 

= 24.74

Sidenote: The desk/wall box pictured here are the latest pieces added to our etsy shop - which we had to change from "House of Habit" to "House Inhabit" to avoid confusion with another company by the same name.

In other news, we are really looking forward to a few exciting creative ventures on the horizon involving Mike's band (which you might be familiar with via some of Anne's posts) more shop additions, a nursery tour on the blog, stick art happenings, and an interview with one of my new favorite bloggers whom I can't wait to share with you guys.
Soon. All of it. I promise.



  1. Wow you found such lovely things! I love the mugs and the cardigan! I wish we had such a place here, but unfortunately not. When I see your buys I can't wait for the fleamarket season to begin again :)

  2. Wow, what great finds! I love how the pottery looks on the hairpin table. Your aesthetic is perfect. I love the simple way you decorate! Also, those shoes were quite a find. You are inspiring me to go thrifting tomorrow!

  3. You have such a wonderful eye- that table is gorgeous. I love that your pictures have all the same faded and warm qualities that your furniture and general style share. Great finds!

  4. Beautiful finds, Jessica! And the soft brown tones kinda tie everything together. How annoying that you had to change your name. Good 2nd choice though. Maybe they'll go out of business down the track wink.That desk/wall box photo jumped straight out at me - gorgeous pieces and a perfect stylist's eye.

  5. cool finds! i love the pottery and mini mugs!

    lookin' forward to bts video, i know it'll turn out awesome!

  6. hah! that's a classic 70s coffee mug! we collect them. they are awesome, especially if you have a car that doesn't have cup holders ;) lovely finds. Your style is so classy. I wish mine was too. What simple lines and understated gorgeousness.