Wednesday, February 15, 2012


As tradition goes, we spent another holiday in mad dash around town trying to finish Valentine cards, pick up last minute gifts and make it (on time) to Arlo's class where I was due as a mom helper for the party festivities in the afternoon. It was a typically hectic, messy event that had me swearing up and down "next year" would be different, that I would be fully prepared, totally organized and on top of it all.

Not likely.
I know.

Regardless, we got it all done. To top it off, Mike and I even landed a last minute dinner date at the bar where his band was playing in downtown Fullerton. We left the boys with grandma and got to enjoy chili cheese fries and turkey club sandwiches by candlelight with a couple new friends. It was perfect. Or, as close to "perfect" as we can possibly manage these days.

Hope your Valentine's were just as swell.


  1. Love your off-color valentine's! (Looks like this holiday requires a lot more work once the kiddo's are school-age... that's a lot of cards)

  2. Love Arlo's cards - they are awesome :)
    Happy belated Valentines day sweets,

  3. arlo's cards are adorable!

    i didn't know you went on tuesday. are you coming on saturday? i hope so!

  4. Oh, I agree- those cards are fantastic! As are the rest of the pictures.

    And I know what you mean about trying to be more prepared... I said the same words to myself as I baked 75 heart-shaped cookies for Milo's classmates & friends. Yikes! But your night out sounds like the perfect end to a hectic day!

  5. Arlo's cards are way cute!! We didn't go all out on the handmades this year. Simple heart cutouts with a piece of candy taped on the back. I normally put more into it... stinkin nursing school. 4 more months :D Sounds like a perfect date night with you and Mike- chili cheese fries?? yum!

  6. Robot love! Those cards are too freakin' cute!