Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Wishing I'd paid more attention at the park, where I left my little camera last week instead of focusing all my attention on old shoes, hotwheels, and plastic shovels.

Loving the warm embrace of the Etsy community - receiving sweet snapshots of tots in Virginia sleeping in our teepee completely made my week.

Hoping to find another great/ interesting/ trustworthy person to rent our little back house seeing that our 3 yr tenant and friend is off to Med School and we've come to depend on the extra income.

Wondering why buying a new camera has to be so difficult (And so expensive!)

Excited about the new home office project we'll be working on this weekend. Using all materials we already have to carve out a space designated to art & business! Finally.

Dreading the bitter heat waves just around the corner

Dreaming of owning a pair of these and a copy of this

Looking forward to our trip to the museum in L.A where Mike is working. An incredible hand machined animal sculpture exhibit is first on the list. I've been told everything there is "Rex friendly" so it should be a good time. Pics. to follow!

In other news the photo darling of Instagram, Bex Finch, has a newly established photography website worth checking out. The sleepwalker especially, is beyond moving. And if anyone has any helpful tips to buying a new (middle ground) camera please share! It's much tougher than I had anticipated.



  1. lovely picture :)
    did you lose your camera?? i am sorry for you..
    your blog is a real inspiration to me by the way :)

  2. Wow. Just checked out Sleepwalker and it is incredible. Thank you so much for sharing that. My grandmother had Alzheimer's and it was terrifying and sad to see her slowly slip away. I think watching a loved one go through that must be one of the most torturous things in life. But Ms. Finch has made such beauty out of something so sad.

  3. WHAT!?? You had me at Fiona Apple- I still listen to that dang first album all the time! Does a voice get any smoother? And hello sandals! :D They remind me of Anne since she wore the begeebees right out of the first pair after years and is on a second- they are so cute (and my Urban Outfitter's sandals finally had their last summer :( I'm in the market for a new leather strappy sandal... something simple! SO sad about your camera- good luck, I wish I knew what to recommend but I'm not a big fan of mine right now! Costco generally has great cameras for decent prices (there is one there that I'm drooling over that has interchangeable lenses but is still a point and shoot....ahhhh

  4. Hi Jessica - gutted that you lost your camera - that is always a bummer.
    Hope spring is treating you well nonetheless - and that the heat is kind (we could use some of it here)
    Take care and have a great day sweets,

  5. I would be happy to rent the back house.. if only :) Could you imagine the days of crafting? dream a little dream...

  6. Ooh, I'm with Nicky, very much excited to hear Fiona Apple is coming out with a new album. Mazzy Star is back together and supposedly putting out a new album this year too. I'll be seeing their first live show in Petaluma next week, so stoked!

    Huge bummer about your camera, I hope you're able to find one that you like. Good luck with the new tenant hunt too :)