Family Photo Inspiration

So we may have worked out a little trade with the photographer who last took our family photos, a little over a year ago, in the way of furniture in exchange for art. We all love a good trade, right? Because we plan to shoot in our home (instead of a typically vivid outdoor location) I've been especially motivated to finish up these last projects we've got going on around here to ensure the setting meets the quality of her work. The latest post on The Glow featuring the lovely Kate Young, a big time stylist photographed with her two darling boys in a charming sun drenched Brooklyn home I found particularly inspiring. The exact tone I would love to capture.

As for me, still no camera in tow. Don't know when, but it's gett'n mighty rough without one. I'm not a big fan of instagram, or any iphone shots soley replacing blog photography, so please bear with me using these type of out sourced photo posts? At some point, I'll be back in business as a camera wielding Mom on a mission. 

Hopefully, much sooner than later.