Noah's Ark

It was Mike's last week working reconstructions over at the Skirball Cultural Center in L.A (deep, deep in L.A) where he's been for the past few months, so we decided to let Arlo skip a day of school to squeeze in a last minute visit with dad and experience the Noah's Ark exhibit he's been telling us about since he started. Good thing we did. This place is incredible. Well worth the measly 8 - 10 bucks it costs to enter these kinds of museums, to roam and explore 8,000 sq ft of this particularly vibrant exhibit recounting the timeless tale of Noah, his animals, the rain and ark. Moving from room to room you get a sense (through lighting, props and musical narration) of the storm rolling in and the preparations involved. Every inch is artful, unique, enchanting and fun - with lots of credit handed to the Brooklyn based puppeteer, Mike Green, who designed the majority of the animals (all constructed using recycled materials - ties, keys, straw, metal, ect) In each room the kids are encouraged to man the animals themselves, to participate in all the mechanics set up to teach them about nature as well as draw links to the story itself. We had a blast. And because I've yet to fill the camera void in my life, all I could manage was some shaky video of the boys running amuck which probably doesn't do the exhibit nearly the justice it deserves, so if you are anywhere even remotely close to Los Angels, get there yourself. You won't be sorry.

Wishing you all happy weekend happenings,