Rex's Nursery Tour

So Rex's room has been done for a quite a while now, it's just never clean enough to do a proper photo shoot (you know how that goes...) This is the best we could do. The room gets great light at certain times of day, other times it's shadowy and dim. Hard to get away from. Anyway, we didn't do or buy much for this particular nursery because we already had so much from Arlo and Leon, but the few things we did pick, especially for Rex are:

* West Elm ikat curtains
* Fine Little Day's adorable "Apple Papple" print (as first seen on Alyce's site)
* Vintage sail boat snagged at the Rose Bowl
* IKEA wicker pendant lamp

The teepee shown is the first one we ever made - a rough draft constructed as a backdrop for our family photos a couple years back. I have to say, the design, and quality since then has much improved but sentimental me is still partial to this one, being the original & all. Yet with the teepee production line vacating all corners of this house, these boys certainly have their pick.

Thanks for stopping in!

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