Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rex's Nursery Tour

So Rex's room has been done for a quite a while now, it's just never clean enough to do a proper photo shoot (you know how that goes...) This is the best we could do. The room gets great light at certain times of day, other times it's shadowy and dim. Hard to get away from. Anyway, we didn't do or buy much for this particular nursery because we already had so much from Arlo and Leon, but the few things we did pick, especially for Rex are:

* West Elm ikat curtains
* Fine Little Day's adorable "Apple Papple" print (as first seen on Alyce's site)
* Vintage sail boat snagged at the Rose Bowl
* IKEA wicker pendant lamp

The teepee shown is the first one we ever made - a rough draft constructed as a backdrop for our family photos a couple years back. I have to say, the design, and quality since then has much improved but sentimental me is still partial to this one, being the original & all. Yet with the teepee production line vacating all corners of this house, these boys certainly have their pick.

Thanks for stopping in!


  1. AHH jessica - i love rex' room - it is soo cool. You have done a fab job with his bits and bobs, lucky chappie.
    Happy wednesday sweet, may the sun shine on you guys,

  2. Wow, this is a dream nursery, I love all the little details! And the little lad looks so cute sitting on his monkey chair :D
    Aaaw the apple print is so adorable, I would hang it on my wall too, even if I'm a little older than Rex :)

  3. Love it! The subdued natural color scheme with just enough little pops of brightness to keep it intersting. You have such an amazing eye for design Jessica :)

  4. Always fantastic! Is that Arlo's old rug? I really wanted on after seeing your circle rug back back in the days. I love how you've done it- curtains are awesome, cool prints, and love that lil boy! :D Happy Wednesday!

  5. I LOVE this room! The curtains and sailboat are my favorites. Also, I love the picture of Rex climbing into? out of? his crib. What a great space. I have been saving to try to buy one of your teepees, but still have to convince the hubs that we need one for our play room!

  6. I'm so inspired! I love everything in this nursery!

  7. Amazing room- what a lucky little guy! I love the whole palette and your teepees really are beautiful.

  8. Love the simplicity of this room! Question: where did you get the round rug? It's nice to see something different for a change.

  9. Kreutzerinc - the rug is from rugs direct, I think. I've had it for ages, so I can't be sure. But it was cheap and it's held up fantastically.

    And Thanks for the sweet complements guys!

  10. Love this space!!! Simple and perfect.


  11. I LOVE your teepees.. When I went to order one on etsy for my son, I was unable to complete the order.. Did you close your etsy shop? Is there a way I can order one from you personally? morganpansing at gmail...http://happilyeverpresent.net/